Viacom18: Our Experience Serving The Brands We Grew Up Watching


We lost our Viacom18 retainer last weekend and we’re gutted.

Just to clear the air, we didn’t suck too badly at our job. The guys at the network decided they wanted to consolidate all their Live Viacom18 accounts under one full-service agency. One that operates in multiple cities and can handle Viacom’s crazy schedules.

It made sense. After all, we at Jrny are still a baby agency, having just gotten out our apartments and moved in to a co-working space after months of saving up. While it has struck us that we could pool in some cash, get a swanky office and go full-retard on operations, our conventional middle-class roots convinced us to play it safe & take it slow.
So what we had going with LIVE Viacom18 for a good two hundred days abruptly came to an end. It felt a little like a BEST bus breaking down in Warli, when you actually had to go all the way to Grant Road.
But this aside, we’ve had such a great time working with the company’s big ticket brands. We started with Emerge Festival, picked up Comedy Central’s Chuckle Fest along the way, and handled the MTVi Spiro & Xtreme accounts for a brief period.

The work was super stressful at times, and super chill at some others. It felt just like media school, where the peak times did justice to the lean ones. I’d like to think we didn’t mess up too much. But that’s hardly an assessment. So here are my bullet points on our work with Viacom:

  1. We never let the timelines get to us. In fact, our delivery was faster than what most full-service agencies can manage.
  2. Our reporting and evals were shallow. I feel we can work harder on our reports & analytics for future clients.
  3. What I learned at FoxyMoron came to use here – we need executives to be resourceful. We found ourselves servicing, writing, designing and drafting invoices. We rarely delegated.
  4. Big accounts require big servicing. We met our clients less than 10 times over the course of six months. Not cool. Something I’ll rue for a long time.
I think I’ll pen down more realisations when I think ‘em up. But this will do for now.
Just to reiterate – it is surreal to work for the brands that you grew up watching. You’re star-struck and nervous but your focus will always be to do the best work of your life. Our experience of serving LIVE Viacom18 & INS was amazing.
Thank you for everything.
We’ll miss you. 🙂




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